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The sweetness of every soup is determined by the kind of ingredients used in its preparation which is also applicable in our Relationship or Courtship.

Female Ingredients:
🖋Every young lady cherishes and admires a neat guy. Your wears may not be too expensive but you can make it neat and smart.
🖋She wants you to be a playmate not an official boo. You may have friends but make her feel like a landlady.

🖋Every young lady wants someone that will pet her…Do not correct her with a loud voice, it can push them to the wall. Women are like flowers no amount of Water is enough for them, so keep petting them.
🖋Caring is not all about Money..SMS & Calls, makes much impact, not overlooking money too, but no matter how Small, your real lover will appreciate you.

🖋Every young lady wants someone that will make her smile and laugh, a boo of no dull moment.
🖋Never you forget to call her sweet names, singing for her will be an added advantage. It makes her feel like a celebrity and most often it brings out tears of Joy.

🖋She wants someone that will tell her stories and make her sleep away in your arms.
🖋Have you ever try sending SMS even when you Guys are together? Its very romantic, try it today!

🖋Never you forget to say “I love you” “Yes baby” “I am Sorry” “Thank U” especially when she is menstruating.
Gentle men, apply some of these ingredients and see how it goes.

Male Ingredients:
🖋Every young man wants a lady that will respect him.
🖋He wants a Lady that will make him feel like a King.

🖋He Adores and cherishes a decent and neat Lady.
🖋He wants a Lady with a supportive spirit, not overlooking humility.

🖋He wants someone that will appreciate him even in little things.
🖋He wants someone who will tell him “Honey everything is gonna be fine”.

🖋He wants someone whose food will make him not to eat outside.
🖋He wants someone who will welcome him home with a hug & kiss.

🖋He wants someone who will make him look smart and neat too.
🖋Not overlooking a prayerful lady.
Young lady, you can see we don’t demand much, so apply them now.

P.S: The ingredients I have mentioned is just to make your relationship path beautiful and not a guarantee to make him or her stay in your life because one can only stay if he or she wishes to.

Written By Nelly Emmanuel

Published by emmanuelnelly

Am Nelly Emmanuel, i go for success I don't worry about anything, taking risks is my hubby and I believe in d future.

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